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When it comes to creating a beautiful lawn, maintaining natural grass can be an expensive option. It requires mowing, feeding, fertilizing, and watering. Property owners who want quality and cost-effectiveness often turn to artificial turf. 

Contrary to a common misconception, high-quality artificial grass products are affordable if you know where to look. Besides being low in maintenance, synthetic turf can help you save money while offering the key benefits of a natural lawn. 

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What is the best value artificial turf? 

The best value artificial turf is repurposed turf.  Repurposed turf is artificial grass that was previously installed in another location. 

Repurposed artificial turf costs 50% - 75% less than new artificial grass while still retaining many topic qualities of a new synthetic grass product. 

In most cases, sports centers and outdoor event organizers replace their existing turf with brand-new grass much earlier than it loses its integrity and natural appearance. To prevent perfectly good turf from going to waste, Artificial Grass Recyclers set out to find it a new home. 

In fact, we've repurposed over 9 million square feet of artificial grass. That's 9 million square feet of turf we effectively intercepted from landfills. 

 At AGR, we're highly dedicated to promoting a healthy climate. That's why we dramatically reduce the cost of artificial turf to make it easier for property owners to install high-quality lawns without breaking the bank. 

Since the lifespan of artificial grass can reach 20 years, repurposed artificial turf (also known as used synthetic grass) can serve you for decades. 

How much does repurposed artificial grass cost in 2023?  

In 2023, festival turf costs $1.29 per square foot. Sports turf costs even less. Keep in mind that when you buy artificial grass that has been removed from its original spot, forklifts and other machinery are necessary which can puncture the turf. Because of this, you should purchase around 30% extra turf so that you or your installer can repair any imperfections.  

How affordable is it to install used artificial turf?  

If you have the right tools for installing used artificial turf, you can do it yourself for a few hundred dollars. For instance, the DIY artificial grass installation of a 1400-square-foot project costs only $950, including the turf itself. Meanwhile, new turf coupled with professional installers can cost ten times as much. 

However, if you don't have experience installing artificial turf, you could make mistakes that may lead to extra expenses. Over the years, you’ll find that used synthetic grass is more durable and has a higher return on investment when there is professional installation. 

Where does repurposed synthetic grass come from?  

Repurposed artificial grass usually comes from sports or festival fields. Since festival and event organizers use synthetic turf for a short time, you can take advantage of the integrity and quality of the product without facing the cost of new turf. 

Sports fields  

Regulations of many sports centers require them to change the surface every few years even if it's still in excellent condition. AGR purchases this used synthetic turf at a discounted price and resells it to property owners.  

Recall that repurposing artificial turf involves using a forklift for removal and transportation. This can leave puncture marks. That's why we recommend buying extra artificial grass for repairing small transportation-related damages.  

Used synthetic grass from the sports field may have some leftover markings. You can easily cover any lines on used artificial turf with special paint.    

Festivals and Events  

Festival and event organizers purchase and use new artificial turf for just two or three days. They usually invest in high-quality synthetic grass so it can withstand heavy traffic. 

Since the synthetic turf has only been in use for a few days, it maintains all the top qualities of new artificial grass. Unlike sports field turf, it doesn’t come with line markings. 

Can you keep the free infill that comes with repurposed turf?  

Yes, you can keep the infill that comes with used artificial turf. It allows you to save money on new infill. However, this decision comes with several downsides:  

  • Extra weight - turf that already has infill inside can be four to five times heavier than synthetic grass without infill. This can make transportation and installation more difficult, 
  • Limited choice – since many types of infills exist, turf without infill allows you to choose the best product for your needs. For example, to improve artificial grass for dogs, you could buy an odor-absorbing infill like ZeoFill. If the infill is already inside, you would have to remove it

If you want a higher-quality infill, you can buy extracted turf. Extracted turf is used artificial grass with infill removed. This type of turf is easier to install because it weighs only around 0.5 pounds per square foot. 

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Should you buy new or used artificial grass?  

The decision of whether to buy new or used artificial turf doesn't have to be a tough one. Used festival turf and fresh artificial grass can be nearly identical in properties while having a significant price difference.  

Even if you have a sufficient budget for new turf, you could consider buying used artificial grass because of ecological concerns. When you purchase used turf, you don't just save money, you keep plastic products out of landfills and contribute to a safer environment. 

Used Artificial Grass: A Buyer's Guide

Post by Artificial Grass Recyclers
July 21, 2023