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If you’re concerned about the cost of artificial grass yet want to reduce the time and resources needed to maintain your landscaping, you should buy used artificial grass.

Many stores sell artificial grass these days, as more people like the idea of having a low-maintenance lawn, and it is now becoming more affordable. With plenty of colors and styles on offer, you may be feeling overwhelmed with all of the choices.

If you consider yourself eco-friendly and want to choose an economically viable option, recycled turf offers you all that you need.

Take a look at the top ten reasons before you buy artificial grass online and you will find that your decision will be made for you.


Used Artificial Grass Is Cost Effective

Recycled turf is much cheaper than standard turf and if you choose the correct provider, you can easily reduce the cost of improving your outdoor space by half.

If you’ve been planning on upgrading your lawn for a while, you may be able to afford the extra cost of real turf, but for those on a budget, you will not leave yourself in debt when you opt for artificial turf.

As well as the cost of installing recycled turf, the price you will pay when maintaining your new lawn will also decrease.

You will read more about maintaining your turf in this article, but when it comes to such things as paying gardeners to dig up weeds, these will no longer be needed.



It is Easy to Install

The insulation process for recycled turf is exactly the same as standard turf, which makes it one of the easiest DIY jobs. There is no additional time or effort required when it comes to laying down your lawn, so you can enjoy your new garden in a matter of hours.




It Looks Great

Your neighbors will love your new look and their faces will be as green as your new lawn when their envious eyes take a look over your fence. With artificial turf, there are no bald patches or areas where the grass is shorter than the rest of the lawn, as you do not have nature to contend with.

You can rest assured that quality recycled turf providers will ensure that the turf is of a high quality and that steps are made to fully refurbish the reclaimed turf.

Typically, a fresh coating is added to the turf to ensure that the color is vibrant and fade-resistant.


Minimal Maintenance

As mentioned earlier, artificial turf is very easy to maintain.

If recycled turf is laid following the instructions from the supplier, there should be no problems when it comes to keeping it in tip-top shape. You will not have to spend hours mowing your lawn or pulling weeds.

Cleaning artificial grass is also very easy.


Stylish Options

Contrary to people thinking there is no variety when it comes to using artificial turf, there are so many materials, colors, styles and finishes available so that you can make your lawn unique. If you have a particular shade in mind, your supplier should be able to source exactly what you want.


It is Very Durable

Compared to new artificial turf, recycled turf will not last as long, but you should not let this fact put you off as you should get at least 10 years out of it.

With the correct care and attention, you can stay on top of any issues that crop up so that you can enjoy your turf for many years. It will take a lot more soccer and playtime than standard grass before you begin to see the effects.




It is Great for Kids

Artificial turf enjoys a soft finish that offers cushioning for children to fall on when they are running around.

As well as being safe for children to play on, artificial turf means there are no muddy streaks on their clothes after a long day outdoors, and your carpets will be mud free.


It Can Help with Allergies

Allergies are increasing, especially when it comes to allergens that can be found outdoors.

For some, being around grass can be a very unpleasant experience, so artificial turf is an ideal way for people with hay fever to enjoy being outdoors. By choosing recycled turf, you can say goodbye to antihistamines and say hello to sneeze-free days spent in the garden.


It is Very Versatile

You are likely to have seen artificial turf on school playgrounds and public playgrounds, as it is very versatile and can be adapted to suit a variety of locations.

There is no limit to what you can do at home or in a public space, with designs that incorporate children’s games, team sports, or bespoke lighting features. You may want to turf all of your outdoor space or you can turf small areas as part of an overall landscape lawn—it really is up to you.

The world is your oyster when it comes to choosing artificial grass and any good supplier will enable you to be as creative as you like.


It Saves Resources

Using any recycled products will have a positive impact on the environment and using artificial grass will score you major brownie points when it comes to being eco-friendly.

Not only will you be investing in a product that would otherwise go to the landfill, but you will also be lowering your water consumption and eradicating any use of pesticides.

Chemicals used to treat natural lawns are dangerous to children and pets. These chemicals are easily tracked into your home after your children or pet plays in the yard, which can then linger around and cause illness.





The above benefits of installing recycled turf are just a short list and you will find that there are many more benefits once you enjoy using it.

You are bound to have many questions about choosing artificial turf, whether it is how to clean it or how long you need to leave it before using after installation, so speaking to an expert before you buy artificial grass online is recommended.

For an easy, stress-free outdoor life, recycled grass will give you the peace of mind that you are looking for.

Used Artificial Grass: A Buyer's Guide

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December 21, 2016