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Paintballing is a fast paced sport that has become a hugely popular form of recreation and entertainment over the years. This is something that people of all ages get involved in, from groups of kids for their birthdays through to working adults on an employee’s team building day.

Like many other sports, paintballing does need to be played on a suitable playing field, which means one that is durable and designed to last. Some paintball facilities tend to use natural areas, such as woodland areas and forests. These natural environments work extremely well for the objectives of the sport to be carried out. Paintballing can also be played indoors, but it is essential for the area to be safe, tough and also fun so that the two teams can enjoy themselves.



How Turf Enhances Paintball Fields

One material that has become increasingly popular for use in paintballing areas is artificial grass. Many facilities, both indoor and outdoor, create the perfect setting with the use of recycled artificial grass, which offers a range of benefits. Some of the main benefits of using recycled artificial grass for this type of activity include:




Safe for players

Using artificial grass for paintballing provides additional safety for the players. This is because it offers greater grip and traction, which helps to enhance safety levels. This is particularly important given the number of children that get involved in paintballing, as it can help to minimize accidents while they are on the field.


Sturdy and durable

Any material used to create a paintballing area needs to be sturdy and durable, as it will be put under a lot of strain. With recycled artificial grass, you get a high level of durability, sturdiness, and toughness, which makes it the ideal choice. In fact, artificial grass has been used for a number of years to create paintballing environments and continues to be used today.


Easy to maintain

Everyone knows that paintballing can get very messy – the paint doesn’t just splatter the players – it also goes over the ground too. Fortunately, the polymers that make up artificial grass mean that it is very easy to clean and maintain. Artificial grass for paintballing is generally made from polyethylene, nylon or a combination of both. The paintballs used in this activity are made from polyethylene glycol along with other ingredients that are water-soluble. This means that any paint from the paintballs that goes onto the artificial grass can be cleaned up with ease.


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Lightweight and affordable

When you use artificial grass, you will be able to benefit from a material that is lightweight. This makes it practical, quick and simple to install and provides easy performance. In addition, it is a very affordable option and can be purchased at very competitive prices. The fact that artificial grass is designed to withstand this type of activity and wear means that you won’t have to keep replacing it. This in turns means that you spend less in the long run and benefit from the greater value for your money.


An eco-friendly solution

Most people these days are keen to do their bit for the environment. There are many ways in which individuals and businesses can do this, and every little helps when it comes to assisting the green cause. Using recycled products is a big part of helping the planet and minimizing environmental damage. Using recycled artificial grass provides you with an eco-friendly solution to creating the perfect indoor or outdoor paintballing setting.


Equipped for inflatable bunkers

When paintballing is played in natural areas outdoors, there are plenty of places for players to hide from their enemies. However, when you are playing on a man-made field or indoors, the bunkers that are used for hiding tend to be inflatable ones that are dotted around. The design of recycled artificial grass means that all shapes and sizes of inflatable bunkers can be accommodated with ease, creating a more exciting environment for those taking part in the game.

These are just some of the key benefits that come from using recycled artificial grass at paintballing premises.


Long life and easy maintenance

There are a number of key factors that attract people to artificial grass when it comes to choosing a material for paintballing facilities. The first is the long life that it can offer, with the synthetic grass remaining sturdy and safe for years. The second main factor that makes this product more appealing for paintballing is the ease of maintenance. Artificial grass will require only minimal maintenance, making it very easy to care for compared to real grass. The mess from the paintballs can be removed quickly and easily, saving you time and inconvenience. In addition, you don’t have to worry about watering the grass, weeding, or cutting grass, reducing the need for regular maintenance.

Rainy weather can play havoc on real grass, which can have a big impact on the quality of the playing field. One other advantage that makes artificial grass the ideal choice for outdoor areas is the fact that it doesn’t experience the same problems in the rain as natural environments. With artificial grass, you can use manual drainage facilities to avoid rainwater damage and stop water from pooling.





Given the number of people that pass through paintballing grounds each year, it is essential that any synthetic material that is used for outdoor or indoor facilities offers the right level of protection, durability, and quality. Artificial grass offers all of these benefits and more, which is why it is a popular choice for the creation of this type of environment.

There are various options available when it comes to finding the right type for your requirements. This includes a choice of face weights, pile heights, and density options. This makes it easy to create the perfect setting that is designed to cope with a range of weather conditions and sports settings.

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May 18, 2017