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We all love to see our pets having a good time.

But have you ever considered whether your lawn or yard could be better for your cat or dog?

Our furry legged friends love to get out on the grass. However, if you have a natural grass area, then maybe this has led to some problems or conflicts in the past. The truth is that making the switch to recycled artificial turf could be a very clever way of giving them the time of their lives – without causing a mess every day.

In fact, the following are some excellent ways that you can spoil your pets by letting them enjoy the outdoors every day, right by your home.

Here are six things you’ll love about artificial grass for dogs.


1. Create A Play Area for Your Pets

Create a play area for pets with artificial grass

With no worries about them messing or churning it up, you can let your pets have as much fun as they want out on artificial grass. Whether it is playing with a bone or running around like crazy after a ball, this is the sort of fun play zone that they will love heading out to.

An added bonus here is that the human members of the family can also join in and get a lot of pleasure out of playing with their pets, as they will also enjoy the benefits of the grass. Because it is so soft and cushioned, you will feel confident that no-one will get hurt on it and if you have it fitted nice and level, there should be fewer trips and falls too.

Your pets will soon work out that this is the place where they can have maximum fun and will start heading out to the yard whenever they want to let burn off some energy. If they sometimes look bored in the house, then having an outdoor space like this for them will open up a lot of exciting playing possibilities that they will be extremely grateful for.


2. Let Them Use the Grass All Year Round

artificial grass for pets lasts all year

Do you sometimes feel bad about having to keep your pets off the grass at certain times of the year? With a natural grass lawn, you might need to make it a no-go area when you have just re-seeded it or added fertilizer.

Of course, cats and dogs don’t understand why this is the case and they just want to enjoy the best part of the property. Well, with synthetic turf, they can play on it all year round without any worries.

Because this type of surface is virtually maintenance-free, there will be no times when you need to herd them off because you are working on it.

In this way, they can feel right at home here and relax completely. This is a huge benefit for families for whom trying to keep cats and dogs off the lawn turns into a regular battle that no one ever wins.


3. No Weather Worries

Artificial turf is more weather-resistant than natural grass

Another factor worth considering is that you don’t need to worry about the weather either. For instance, when it is raining heavily, the water will just drain away quickly, unlike a natural grass lawn which could end up flooded.

At the other end of the scale, you might worry about your pets playing on the lawn during a dry spell when the grass is already getting parched and patchy. However, on artificial turf, this simply isn’t a problem.

Equally, on a very cold day, this type of grass won’t get frozen and end up unsuitable for your pets either. All of this means that they can get out and play to their heart’s content no matter what it is like outside.


4. Rough and Tumble is Allowed

dirty dog footprint

Do you have a cat or dog who loves nothing better than a bit of rough and tumble? Some pets will really go a bit wild once they get outdoors when they start playing with each other or their toys.

This can be a problem if you worry they might damage the grass. Perhaps you have banned them from playing on your nice lawn altogether for that very reason.

The good news is that synthetic turf is ideal for letting even the most energetic of pets enjoy some of the rough and tumble that they get so much fun from. They won’t damage the grass by playing in this way and they can have a fabulous time without causing you any worries at all.

This can be an especially useful benefit if your pets tend to play out there with your kids too. If they all play a bit rough together at times then you will feel happy that no lasting damage will be done.


5. Spend Time Out There Together

little dog

Not being able to spend enough time with their pets is a complaint commonly made by pet owners, while we can only imagine what their poor pets think about this situation. Thankfully, this is another case of recycled artificial turf allowing you to spoil them more.

A surface like this is perfect for sitting on together, for having a picnic and even playing together. No matter how you want to spend your time with your pets, this is the perfect way of doing so without any worries or maintenance hassles.

Just wait for a nice sunny day and head out with something to eat or drink and maybe some toys. You will love the feeling of spending time together in this way and so will your pets.


6. Low Maintenance for Less Hassle

Of course, the benefits of this sort of lawn aren’t just for the dogs and the cats in the house. You can also get to enjoy the sensation of having an extremely low-maintenance lawn too.

It is a tremendous feeling to know that you can let your pets have the time of their lives out there without leaving you with lots of things to fix or tidy afterward. This should help you feel far more relaxed about letting them play in the garden in a way that bests suits them, that they thoroughly enjoy.

All in all, having a low-maintenance lawn like this is great news for everyone who lives in the house, not just those who run about like crazy on it.

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Post by Artificial Grass Recyclers
June 7, 2017