5 PawSome Benefits of Pet Turf

Are you a pet owner?

If so, you’ve probably considered artificial lawns at least once, when your pet has dug your yard up again, or has turned it into a mud bath. As a responsible pet lover, though, you do have some concerns about how your pet and an artificial lawn would mix.

Have no fear though, as it’s easier than you think.


Here are Five Pawsome Benefits of Pet Turf

If you’re still worried that your pets won’t love your new lawn, fear not.

Here are five reasons why they’ll love the new artificial one just as much as the old real one:


1. They won’t have to be kept inside so you can work on it

A real lawn takes a lot of work, which doubles when you have pets. You have to fill in holes when they dig in it, reseed it when they wear it out, and keep them away when you’re adding chemicals such as fertilizers.

An artificial lawn doesn’t need any of this to stay looking perfect all year round. All you have to do is clean up after your pet regularly, and make sure you brush it to keep debris off it and the pile looking good. Your pet will never have to stay inside while you’re working on the lawn.


2. Your pets can’t track mud inside

They let their pet out into the yard, and before you know it the lawn is a mud bath where they’ve rolled and played on it.

Then, they want to come in, but they’re covered in mud. If you’re really unlucky, your dog will run in and track mud everywhere before you can catch them.

If you’re tired of cleaning up after your pet, installing an artificial lawn is the best solution for you. As it’s not a real lawn, your pet can’t dig it up and create a mess in your yard. As there’s no dirt, there’s no chance for them to get dirty and track that dirt everywhere.

It’s a win-win situation.




3. They love the feel of artificial grass just as much as the real thing

Many pet owners worry their pets won’t like their new artificial lawn.

It’s a reasonable worry. After all, does artificial grass feel like real grass to your pets? It is a concern that pets won’t take to it, which will cause problems for you in your home.

Luckily, those fears are unfounded. Artificial lawns have been in use for years now, and pet owners have reported that their pets like them just as much as the real thing.

This is probably because modern artificial lawns are as soft as real lawns, so pets can still roll around and play on them like they could before you made the switch.


4. Artificial lawns are quick and easy to install

The last thing your pet wants is to be without using your garden.

You may be worried that they’ll be upset as they’re locked inside while the new lawn is being installed.

An artificial lawn, though, really doesn’t take that long to be installed at all. Depending on the size of your yard, it could take as little as an afternoon to get the job done. You can even do it yourself, so you can plan to install it while your pet won’t want to be outdoors.

Either way, it won’t be long until they can enjoy the great outdoors again.




5. They’ll have a full and lush lawn all year round

The weather can really take a toll on a lawn.

In the fall and winter, it can be lying under a layer of fallen leaves, which invites weeds to start growing. The cold can make it freezing, and the rain can lead to mud.

The summer’s no better either, as the heat can turn your lawn brown and dry. None of these situations is great for your pets.

An artificial lawn has none of these problems. It will be lush and green no matter what the weather is like. That means no drying up, no mud and no time when your pet can’t play on your lawn.


Here’s Why You’ll Love an Artificial Lawn

It’s not just your pets who will love your new lawn.

Here’s why you’ll love it too.


1. Minimal maintenance

That’s right, you’ll barely ever have to work on your lawn again.

They don’t need watering, mowing, or reseeding all the time. Your pet can’t dig it up, so you won’t have to fill in holes. All you have to do is give it a regular brush and keep it clear of leaves and other debris.




2. It’s heavy-duty

Worried your pet likes to play rough and may damage your lawn?

It’s tougher than you’d think. Fitters can use heavy-duty fixings to ensure it stays down, and although the grass is soft, it isn’t easily pulled up.


3. It’s good for the environment

As it needs no water, artificial lawns are much better for the environment and your household bills. Even better, you can actually buy recycled lawns so nothing ends up in a landfill.


4. It gives you peace of mind

You’ll never have to worry about your yard or pet ever again.

The lawn won’t get dug up and you won’t need to constantly patch it up to conceal the damage. Plus, most artificial turfs are non-toxic.

Pets don’t normally try to eat the lawns, but if they do you know they’ll be ok.


5. Enjoy your yard all year round

You’ll never have a beaten up looking lawn again. No matter what time of year it is, you know your yard will look beautiful.

So there you have it. Artificial lawns are much more pet friendly than you’d think, and your pet will love it. There really isn’t a reason why you wouldn’t get one installed.


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